Thank you for facilitating our Communication and Business Presentation Training for Managers and Supervisors on Friday. The training provided an opportunity for us to come together and learn techniques to improve our communication, presentation and leadership skills.


Very well presented. The instructor (was) enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well prepared.


Being a person from a non-English speaking country I had noticeable difficulties in pronouncing some words with appropriate accent as well as presenting talks in professional meetings. The course was very effective for me and the course instructor Ms. Anne Marie was very helpful in identifying the problems and methodically improving my speaking skills and accent reduction.

Faruque Z.

First, I would like to express my gratitude for all the effort and time you spent in helping me achieve my accent improvement goals. You were not only extremely knowledgeable but you were willing to work with me and around my time, learning style and learning curve. Thanks for your patience and for everything I learned on the course. I promise to put it to good use and keep practicing.


In professional and personal life, there is nothing more disturbing than not being understood well by others no matter whether you are talking to a large conference or to a clerk at the grocery shop.
Anne Marie has several ways to engage your attention during her classes. She is clear and persistent. She aims at the result and she will help you greatly to express yourself better when you speak to others. That is what she did for me.

Tiziana Barghini

Anne Marie was very effective. From the start, she identified and prioritized the areas for my improvements that were most distracting for my listeners. Her suggestions helped me to clear and project my voice so that I could be better understood in larger audiences. The program that she used for my homework was especially helpful in letting me hear the difference between my own pronunciation and someone else’s. I think the improvements I made as a part of this class were much more significant than what I expected, in just one season I could correct the habits of more than a dozen years.

Tatyana Vidrevich

I found Anne Marie to be very knowledgeable, accommodating, and patient. She was able to pinpoint my challenges right from the start and was prescriptive in perfecting my pronunciation. I would highly recommend Annie Marie to anyone who want to perfect their pronunciation and public-speaking skills.

Alex Lau

Effective Communication is the Key to Success!