• Do you have to repeat yourself to be understood?

  • Do you avoid social situations because the conversation is difficult?

  • Are your clients frustrated by representatives who are difficult to understand?

iSpeak Clearly’s Accent Modification programs address and solve these problems.

Accent modification (or accent reduction) helps speakers improve the clarity and accuracy of their spoken American English.

We all speak with an accent. No accent is better than any other; they are a natural part of spoken languages. They are part of our identity, heritage, and culture. Sometimes accents make speech difficult to understand, however, and they interfere with communication.

Foreign accent is a result of your native language influencing the production of new vocabulary and grammar as you learn English. Your pronunciation of the English word is influenced by the sound, rhythm, and intonation patterns of your native language.

Regional dialect is the distinct form of a language spoken in a certain geographical area
 (e.g., New York, Chicago, Boston, or the South). The native languages of settlers in a specific region combine to form the regional dialect of that area. Regional dialect influences sound pronunciation, as well as grammar and vocabulary.

If the influence of your native language or regional dialect is so strong that it is difficult for others to understand you, then you may benefit from accent modification.

In iSpeak Clearly’s Accent Modification programs, you will learn to:

  • Modify sound pronunciation to reflect Standard American English

  • Improve grammar and vocabulary

  • Project your voice

  • Develop professional presentation skills

  • Transfer skills to actual work and social situations, incorporating vocabulary specific to your profession

  • Find strategies for continued improvement after the program is completed

Effective Communication is the Key to Success!