• Are you afraid of public speaking?

  • Do you have difficulty demonstrating your competence during job interviews?

  • Is lack of confidence in your speaking ability keeping you from advancing your career?

iSpeak Clearly’s public speaking programs address and solve these problems.

First impressions are formed before you say your first word. Clients, customers, and business associates make instant judgments about your competence based not only on what you say, but how you say it.

Communication and leadership skills are among the top skills that employers look for in new hires. Body language, non-verbal communication, and the ability to speak clearly allow you to convey confidence and make a good impression, whether in a meeting, a job interview, or at a networking event.

Our programs are designed to help you develop mindful awareness of your speaking in all situations. You will be better able to monitor and adjust your communication to become a more confident and effective speaker.

iSpeak Clearly provides training to improve speaking skills. Our programs develop your voice so you can be easily heard, better understood, and more engaging to your listener.

In iSpeak Clearly’s Public Speaking programs, you will learn to:

  • Develop a voice that can be easily heard, better understood and engages the listener with emotion and enthusiasm

  • Apply breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce your anxiety

  • Reduce the use of verbal fillers (um, uh, like…) that distract from your message

  • Use body language to communicate confidence and trust

  • Use your words, your voice, and your body language to tell your story

  • Add business presentation techniques that give you a competitive edge

  • Evaluate and modify presentations with guided support and video recordings

Effective Communication is the Key to Success!