Learn The Clear Path to Confident Public Speaking

Many of us start the New Year with a list of resolutions for change. As time passes, however, some items on the list fade away, unattained.

Why? Our desire for change was well intended, but we lacked the information and planning necessary to succeed.


What are your plans for success?

Are you interested in speaking in a manner that is easy to understand and allows your message to be understood the first time you say it? If so, an accent modification program may help. Understand the process to develop a plan to achieve your goals.


iSpeak Clearly’s Accent Modification Program

One-hour individual coaching sessions conducted weekly for a minimum of seven sessions. (Customized scheduling options are available on request.)

  1. Identify the sound changes that are necessary.
    We conduct a pre-program speech evaluation, consisting of a recorded speech sample that is transcribed and evaluated. We identify how your speech pronunciation varies from Standard American English and develop a personalized speech program.
  2. Increase mindful awareness of sound pronunciation in yourself and others.
    We provide instruction on speech modification techniques, sound pronunciation, and principles of American English. Listening and speaking exercises improve sound awareness and pronunciation.
  3. Initiate new habits through practice.
    Daily practice is the only proven way to elicit change and form new habits. We provide practice materials and review your practice recordings between sessions. Then we provide feedback to facilitate perfect practice. Allocating daily practice time in your schedule is crucial to success.
  4. Monitor your progress.
    We conduct a post-program speech evaluation, and the results are compared to the pre-program evaluation. Sounds requiring continued practice are identified.
  5. Integrate your new speaking skills throughout the day.
    We make suggestions for strategies for continued development of sound pronunciation, self-monitoring, and self-correction. Then use your new speaking skills in daily conversation at work, at home, and in social situations to maintain your new success!