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I’m working on my golf game. What are you working on?

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This summer, I had the good fortune to indulge my passion for golf during a six-day golfing adventure in Ireland. It was an unbelievable experience! The courses were spectacular, the landscape and the views were breathtaking, and even the weather was magnificent. My golf game, however, left something to be desired!

When I got home, I decided that if I was serious about golf, I needed to commit time, energy, and resources toward improving my skills, so I enrolled in a series of golf lessons to achieve my goal.

I had lost sight of the fundamentals, and the instructor brought me back to the basics. My next round was a personal best. Simple, easy, and amazing!

What are your goals?

Invest in Yourself

As summer comes to an end, September is a great time to make resolutions and set new personal goals. Allow time to learn something new or further develop an existing skill. Learning expands your interests, builds confidence and character, and makes you more interesting to others. An added bonus: It helps improve brain function. What do you have to lose?

  1. ConsiderWhat really interests me? What is something I have always wanted to do but never had time for? What would I like to be better at?
  2. InquireHow can I achieve this goal? Will lessons fit my schedule? Do I understand the program? Am I comfortable with the instructor? 
  3. Decide: Am I ready to make an investment in myself? Can I afford not to?

Like golf, speaking skills require attention and awareness to be developed and maintained.

Have you lost sight of the fundamentals of your accent training or public speaking techniques? If so, perhaps it is time to consult with an expert to get back to the basics.

The experts at iSpeak Clearly are here to help. Send an email or give a call. Our goal is to help you achieve your personal best!

The decision is yours. Let the lessons begin!

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