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Need a gift idea? (Try giving a compliment)

Graphic that says "This holiday, give a compliment and watch the joy it brings!"

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‘Tis the season…

Even as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and much of the holiday shopping season are behind us, the frenzied preparation for the holidays continues. The shopping, cooking, socializing, and family visits create a time crunch that can turn even the merriest person into a grouch!

But a little appreciation—a smile and some kind words—make it worth the effort. This year, don’t take those around you for granted. Give a gift that is free to all you hold dear: clients, customers, coworkers, teachers, family members, and friends. Give a compliment, and watch the joy it brings!

The Art of Giving a Compliment

A compliment can brighten a sad day, generate feelings of happiness, and make the recipient feel special and appreciated. To manifest so much positivity, develop your compliment-giving skills by keeping a few things in mind:

  • Be genuine, honest, and sincere.
    A compliment not based on truth may be perceived as such, and you will appear less credible.
  • Speak to specific actions, personality, or achievements.
    Avoid superficial compliments or compliments about clothing or appearance, such as, “I like your shoes.” Rather, strive to find a noteworthy comment that indicates thought and attention: “You really made a great impression on the new in-laws with your thoughtful consideration of their dietary restrictions.”
  • Say it like you mean it.
    Smile, make eye contact, and use a tone of voice that conveys the meaning of your words.

The Art of Receiving a Compliment

A compliment is a gift. Accept it as one.

  • Show appreciation for the compliment.
    Smile and say, “Thank you.”
  • Demonstrate confidence with your acceptance.
    Do not belittle yourself in your response. Women are more prone to this than men, so beware! Say someone tells you, “Your perseverance really paid off. You landed the new client!” Don’t respond, “If I had worked a little harder, maybe it could have happened sooner.” Instead say, “I appreciate that you noticed. Thank you!”
  • Enjoy the gift!
    Be aware of the positive feelings a compliment brings. Share those feelings with others, with a compliment. It is better to give than to receive!

The ability to give and receive compliments is a social skill that demonstrates leadership. Leaders who develop the art of complementing are better able to build confidence and engage and motivate their employees.

Speaking, language, social, and leadership skills require attention and awareness to be developed and maintained. If you need assistance, the experts at iSpeak Clearly are here to help. Email us at info@ispeakclearly.com for a free consultation.

Share the joy a compliment brings!

Happy Holidays!

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