Learn The Clear Path to Confident Public Speaking

My friend is an amazing tennis player, with a dynamite serve that comes naturally.  Recently, that serve became more of a “pop” than an “explosion,” and her matches suffered. She made adjustments, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

It was time to bring in a professional. The tennis pro was able to identify the changes she needed to make, and with practice to adjust to the new serve, she was back on top of her game. “Ka boom!”


When was the last time you took a look at your skills?

Self-monitoring and self-assessment are key to developing and maintaining skills. As we gain competence in a skill, however, sometimes our attention lags, and those master skills slide a bit. We often realize something has gone astray, but we are not sure what. That is the time to bring in an expert to get you back on track.

This can happen with any skill, from tennis to public speaking.


Read on to learn how iSpeak Clearly’s public speaking programs can put you on track to communicating with confidence.


iSpeak Clearly’s Public Speaking Programs

Our programs develop your voice so you can be easily heard, better understood, and more engaging to your listener. You will learn business presentation techniques that give you a competitive edge.

One-hour individual coaching sessions are conducted weekly.  The number of sessions is customized to the needs of each individual.

  1. Identify the areas that require development. 
    We start by conducting a video assessment of your presentation skills. We review the video together to identify the areas of strength and weakness. Based on this information we develop a personal speech profile, which identifies your goals and objectives.
  2. Increase mindful awareness of your speaking in yourself and others.
    We provide instruction on speaking, which incorporates breathing and relaxation, voice quality, enunciation, vocal variety, body language, and non-verbal communication. Our programs help you develop mindful awareness of your speaking in all situations. You will be better able to monitor and adjust your communication to become a more confident and effective speaker.
  3. Initiate new habits through practice.
    Daily practice is the only proven way to elicit change and form new habits. We provide practice materials and review your practice recordings between sessions. Then we provide feedback to facilitate perfect practice. Allocating daily practice time in your schedule is crucial to success.
  4. Monitor your progress.
    We conduct a post-training video assessment and compare the results to the initial session. We identify areas where continued practice is needed.
  5. Integrate your new speaking skills throughout the day.
    We suggest strategies for continued development. Use your new speaking skills in daily conversation at work, at home, and in social situations to maintain your new success!