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How do we start the change process?

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Six Steps to Change

Consider: What aspects of your speech and communication are causing fear or frustration? What are your challenges?

  • Do you lack confidence in your public speaking skills? If so, why?
  • Does your voice convey confidence? Is it easily heard?
  • Do others have difficulty understanding you?
  • Is your foreign accent or regional dialect interfering with your interactions in the workplace? Social settings?

Identify: With the help of a Corporate Speech-Language Pathologist, you can identify the specific areas of change necessary to alleviate your frustration.

Plan: Together you and your speech coach can set realistic expectations and plan a program that will start you on your way to achieving your communication goals.

Practice: Practice, practice, practice! It’s the only proven way to elicit change and form new habits.

Motivation: Don’t get discouraged. Change is growth; it is a process. It does not happen overnight. Focus on each accomplishment, no matter how small.

Remember: Change starts with one word. For me, it was “coffee.” What will your word be? Let’s find out!

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