Create a winning atmosphere

Anne Marie hitting a ball on a golf course

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Create a winning atmosphere

Golf has many lessons to teach us about business communication that can serve us well throughout the year. The goal is lower scores now, and business better than usual in September.

Spending several hours with others is more productive in a friendly, positive environment.

For golf, that means:

  1. Introduce yourself to the golfers in your group. Smile, make eye contact, say your name.
  2. Be engaging. Call the other golfers by name, ask questions, and find something in common to build rapport.
  3. Put your phone away! Give the other golfers, and the game, your undivided attention.

In business, this translates to:

  1. Introduce yourself at meetings to break the ice and create a welcoming atmosphere. Smile, make eye contact, say your name. Don’t assume everyone knows the names of all participants.
  2. Be engaging. Speak to meeting participants by name. Ask questions and offer information about yourself. Expand on common elements to develop and grow relationships.
  3. Put your phone away! Using your phone gives a negative impression. The people you’re with will question your interest in them and in the meeting.

Bonus tip:
Studies detail negative perception of phone use in meetings. Participants feel neglected, attention is reduced, response time increases, and so do errors, reducing meeting effectiveness. (1)

If technology is necessary in meetings, use a laptop or tablet instead of a cell phone.

It’s time for a business checkup!

  • Are introductions part of your meeting protocol?
  • Do you allow time for small talk and relationship building before meetings begin?
  • Is there a technology use protocol in place that communicates meeting expectations?

With preparation and planning, you can overcome these factors to achieve better meeting satisfaction and effectiveness.

Are you interested in learning more about how your organization is performing in terms of business communication? Contact us for a free phone consultation.


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